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Key Products: Ceramic Powders; Metal-organics; Silanes

Gute Chemie. Welcome to abcr. With abcr, you have access to over 260,000 products from the organic, organometallic and inorganic specialty chemicals area. Our services include: R&D services: custom synthesis, research projects in our laboratory in Bremen; Production: research, syntheses, scale-up, pilot and commercial plant in our production facilities in Forcarei; Semi bulk/bulk business: sourcing of raw materials for small and large scale production; and Catalogue business: procurement and sales of? specialty chemicals.

Contacts (3)
Holger Enke

Material Science Marketing and Sales Director at abcr GmbH

Karlsruhe GERMANY

Benigno Janeiro

President & CEO at abcr GmbH

Forcarei Pontevedra SPAIN

None yet.